The VIP VIBE 2022 – Flatbill

VIBE never forgets.  To show appreciation to our partners and patients who supported us throughout our first year, VIBE created its exclusive VIP headwear collection to celebrate its 22 VIBE VIPs.  VIBE launched in 2022, thus, we identified 22 memorable and impactful individuals during our first year, which ended being awarded Startup of the Year by Greenway Magazine.

These 22 individuals, who will each receive their own individually serial numbered hat, were partners, patients, and some patients, who became employees.  The hats were designed by Jonathan Milo, VIBE CEO and Founder, and are personally inscribed by both Jonathan and Nick Cline, Director of Cultivation.  These pieces will come with future exclusive benefits, including access to special events as a VIBE VIP guest, product drops, apparel, and merchandise.