LINEAGE – Mimosa x ZFace(Zkittlez x Face Off OG)

BREEDER – Tree1Four

FLAVOR – Citrus, Fruit, Sweet

AROMA – Citrus Grove

VIBES – Sunshine, Vibrant

“The best way to explain Cutiez is not in words, but if you were to cut an orange in half, stuff your nose into the middle and take a deep breath, that’s Cutiez!”- Tree1Four

The aromas and flavors are full of fruit and candied oranges. With lineage including Mimosa and ZFace, two strains known for their uplifting effects, Cutiez delivers a similarly vibrant and mood-enhancing experience that can replace the morning cup of joe. We’re pleased to offer Cutiez to Missouri, bred by a St. Louis local breeder that really puts his St. Louis roots in every genetic he touches!

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